We are the leading Professional CV Writers in Kenya. We are the best job interview coaches, too. What gives us the courage to make such bold statements? It's simply because this is the truth, and you are about to discover just that!

Over the last five years, we have consistently helped professionals across the country to achieve their dreams of career advancement by writing their job-search documents: mainly CVs and cover letters. We have also successfully coached hundreds of candidates, including senior Government officials, on how to ace the job interview process.

Today, our team of four Professional CV Writers in Nairobi, Kenya, offers CV writing services to all cadres of professionals, from those  starting off with their careers, to those making career transitions, as well as those aspiring for higher positions.

So, what makes MyDreamCV.com exceptional? 

Unlike other CV writing services which hire fresh graduates to do the job, MyDreamCV.com is run by a team of four former and currently serving senior managers in successful companies. This means that we:

  • Have true commitment and a sense of ownership over what we do, and we have a reputation to uphold.
  • Have the experience in reviewing CVs and know which one would pass, and which one wouldn't.
  • Have the experience in conducting job interviews for senior most management positions.
  • Understand the key words that senior managers and business owners need to hear the most from candidates both on the CV and during the job interview.

The Motivation

Helping others to make the best of their careers is what keeps us going. We take pride in working for you with an insider's peak into what prospective employers look for in candidates. Using this intelligence, we help you to make the best presentation of your skills and experience to improve your chances of being invited for the interview, and then getting your dream job.

So, whether you are looking for the best professional CV writers in Kenya, or the most competent managers to take you through your job interview preparations, we've got you covered. Simply call us today for the best solution.

For professionals from non-EAC member states, and locals working abroad.


US$ 100

You work for an organisation that requires you to demonstrate the highest standards of performance in order to get promoted, or you intend to join such an organisation. Whatever your profession and job grade, we can help you exceed employer requirements, and at a fraction of the cost that you would pay were you to have your resume and cover letter written back at home.

Does mydreamcv.com have the right experience to handle my Expatriate CV/resume? Certainly! We are certified resume writers, and we are a preferred outsourcing destination for some of the leading resume writing services based in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. We have maintained these relationships over the past twelve years out of consistently delivering beyond our clients' expectations. 

Service Procedure

We are fast, efficient and thorough. We serve you from wherever you are - you don't have to come to town or to our offices on Thika Road. Under normal circumstances we will complete your order within 48 hours. The only exception is when you are not available on phone or email to give additional information when required. 

The Steps

1. Send us your current CV/Resume (just as it is, to give us an idea of what you've been doing) plus details about the job for which you wish to apply. Our Email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or you could use the Contact Us page.

2. We will contact you by phone or email to further discuss your specific requirements and submission deadlines.

3. You will them make the payment for the service via Mpesa to our number: 0725 880889, or by Cheque addressed to Excellence Media, after which we will work on your new CV/Resume and Cover Letter. We now require upfront payment to eliminate people who place orders and never collect their jobs.

4. Once we have worked on your CV/Resume and Cover Lettter, and emailed it to you, we will contact you on phone to confirm that you have received it. In case you require any adjustments, we will make them at no extra charge provided you make the request within 7 days from the day we send you the documents. 

NB: Requests to make adjustments to tailor the CV/Resume towards the needs of a job different from the one you gave at the beginning will count as a new job, and it will be billed at full rates.

Cover Letters

At an additional US$. 30 only, you can request either a specific, or generic cover letter. Request a Specific Cover Letter if you are responding to an advert by a specific employer, and Generic if you wish to have a general letter that you can customize to fit the needs of different employers.

Whatever your CV writing, Resume writing or Cover Letter writing needs, or however complex your new employer's requirements might be, you have a competent friend in mydreamcv.com. Feel free to contact us on: 0720 079413 for more information.

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