How to Write a Professional CV in Nairobi, Kenya

Each day thousands of candidates send out job application documents to potential employers. Out of all the documents sent, the CV or resume is the most important, as it gives a synopsis of whom you are. This includes a summary of your professional achievements, qualifications, core skills, and referees. 

You must have read or heard that your resume should be outstanding at all cost. However, what does it take to make your professional CV a masterpiece? Below are a few tips by our CV Writing experts at My Dream CV:

Bring Out Your Professional Experience 

The professional experience section is crucial, as this is where hiring managers check out on what to expect from you. In most cases, your professional experience becomes an important determinant on whether you make it to the shortlist of candidates to be invited for the job interview, or not. 

Maximizing your impact on this section could be all you need to prove your ability to carry out the duties to the hiring manager. For example you could write, certified Forester with over 7 years of experience, with strong skills in forest mensuration, forest planning and management. Try to be as specific as possible in this section. In case you are a graduate newly out of college and lacking professional experience, emphasize the relevance of your coursework, your trainability, ability to adapt to new environments, as well  as extra-curricular, volunteerships, and internships that you have participated in.

Show Your Specialization

Each job has some specialists with it. So try highlighting your specialty in your study area. For instance, you could say you are an Agriculturalist with specialty in Soil science. Doing so could give you an edge over other applicants. If you happen to be a general practitioner, then you could state an area that you are very conversant with, and which, you can handle with relative ease.

Outline Your other Skills

When writing your professional resume be candid about your skills. You do not want to be general as this will lower your chances of getting hired.  Managers want specific details. Thus, highlight your best skills that are relevant to the specific job that you are applying for. You can try putting down skills like Strong data analysis and interpretation, Good filing techniques, excellent presentation skill among others. If you have any document supporting your skills then be sure to add them along. 

Demonstrate Achievements 

This section is key in demonstrating how you have translated your competencies into results. If you are applying for an accountant’s job, for instance, highlight your achievements in that area like naming instances where you may be developed a new data analysis technique that was adopted by the company to help solve a problem. If possible, you may quantify the value of the solution, for instance by indicating that the technique has led to reduction of expenditures in your department by 20%, and boosted revenues by 40%.

When all is said and done, relevance and precision are the cardinal virtues in professional resume writing. Avoid beating around the bush, and aim for simplicity in your communication.

So, are you seeking to apply for a job soon? Talk to our Professional CV Writers today on Tel: 0720 079413 for the best deal.

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