Professional Career Coach in Nairobi Kenya

One of the biggest challenges in career development in Kenya is career misalignment, whereby one ends up pursuing a career that he or she isn't really suited for. For instance, you come across an Electrical Engineer who would have done much better in life as a Lawyer, or a natural sales lady hidden behind the files as an Accountant. 

In other cases, one trains for too many courses as a way to widen job opportunities, but ends up in a job that he or she really dislikes. With this, career progression becomes an endless struggle, working just to make ends meet, while sacrificing real career growth that brings true job satisfaction.

However, our professional career coaches can help you rediscover your strengths and chart the best and most rewarding way forward. This is truly liberating, as it is never too late to make the right turn. 

If you haven't started your professional training yet, we can help you make the best choices about your life and career. Professional training costs money, and should be seen as an investment, with clear projections and justified expectations of good returns. We can help you identify the best universities and colleges, too, where to train for your dream career.

If you are already working in a career that suits you the best, our career coaches will help you determine the best path towards the top. We take you through how to manage your energies so as to be more productive, strategies for getting identified easily for promotions, how to negotiate a pay rise, damage control when threatened with a sack letter, as well as legal ways to make more money while still employed.

So, whatever your needs for a career coach, contact us today on Tel: 0720 079413 for the best solution.

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